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Summer 2005

The big news in this Summer Newsletter is, obviously, the beautifully redesigned website, complete with actual updated information.

I hope you can take a few minutes to explore the site, and let either myself or my new webmistress, Tammy, know what you think. Personally, I think she's done a terrific job.

We're now set up far more efficiently in terms of being able to update info and make changes quickly, so please do let us know if you see a problem, of if there's some info we don't yet have up that you'd like to see on the site.

We've also set up a mailing list, so that readers who wish to be notified about book publications and other news can sign up to receive such updates.

I'm debating the pros and cons of adding features such as a discussion forum or bulletin board, or a regular contest of some kind to the site. Still undecided as yet.

In other news, Hunting Fear is now out in paperback (June 28), and Chill of Fear comes out in hardcover July 26. It looks like summer is going to be my "regular" publication time, at least for the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series (which will continue).

I hope to add a second original book to the schedule each year in the form of a Thief book in paperback, as soon as the publisher and I get our schedules worked out. As some of you know, I've been designing and building my dream house the last couple of years, which occupied much of my attention and time. But it's nearly complete now, so once I've moved and settled in, having the time and energy to continue Quinn's and Morgan's adventures is definitely part of the plan.

I also hope to continue the reissue program we started with Berkley's trade and mass market editions of some of my classic romances. I have a considerable backlist currently out of print, and would love to see those titles available once again, preferably in omnibus editions of two or three books per volume, as we've been doing. So please do keep checking back, and I'll be sure to update the website whenever I have firm pub dates for the reissues.

Think that's it for now. My family are doing well and the pets are thriving. I should be moving into the dream house sometime this summer. Or ... maybe fall. I've got a lot of packing to do on this end, never mind the stuff still to finish over there. And there'll be a lot of adjusting to do. Much, much more space, with loads of storage and miles of bookshelves. Fun new electronic toys. A fabulous new study, and a master bathroom to die for. (Seriously.)

The dogs have visited during construction, but not the cats. My sister says she wants to be present with a camera on cat-moving day. (I'm sure those of you with cats understand. Cats hate change.) I just want to get everybody moved and settled-in without a general freakout.

Wish me luck. :)


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