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Summer 2006

Okay, I know the site hasn't been updated in ages. My fault entirely — but I do have a really good excuse. My dream house was finally ready for me to move in (as opposed to being truly finished) just before Christmas; my first night here, actually, was Christmas Eve. It took another two weeks to get my old house cleared out and all the boxes and bins here, and I am still, in mid-March, a long way from being completely unpacked and settled-in.

Or, for that matter, a long way from living in a completely finished house. :) I'm living with paper blinds on the windows because my designer and I had so many other decisions to make first. (Tile and carpet and light fixtures and cabinet pulls and furniture, oh, my!) I'm living with a lighting system that is still a little funky, and requires more programming from my Audio/Video guys. Living with an amazing variety of technical gadgets and remotes and whatnot, all of which I have to learn how to use. (I stood at a back door for ten minutes one morning tinkering with a control panel, wondering why the ceiling speakers were so muted, before I realized it was the outside speakers I was adjusting. Satellite radio blasting out on my back deck and entertaining the neighbors. Or not. :)

Even my bathtub surprised me by spraying water all over the place the first time I tried to use the back-massaging jets. LOL! And we won't even talk about the body jets in my shower or the soaking tub I don't yet have the steps to access.

But I have the necessities. All my pets, appliances, plumbing, most of my furniture, and an audio/video system that is truly awesome. :)

The pets are thrilled with both the vastly increased space inside and their own private pet yard, safely fenced and even landscaped, where they can sun themselves and chase bugs. There was a bit of a feline freakout the first week or so, with most of the cats hunkered down under a sheet-draped sofa in my study, a room nearly as large as my old house and all they could handle at first. But they very quickly adapted, and now love their new home, racing up and down stairs and skidding around corners (hardwood and tile!), and thoroughly enjoying all the furniture and window ledges. (Custom-made cat trees for several rooms have been ordered and are on their way.)

Bandit and Lizzie are also happy here. Lots of open spaces inside and out in which to run, windows everywhere to see outside, and their own pet door out into the pet yard, so I no longer have to play Keeper of the Door. (New pet pictures!) And though a constant parade of workmen in tool belts is disrupting my life a bit, the dogs love the traffic and the attention — and the chance to be actual watchdogs. LOL!

And I, needless to say, am thrilled. Absolutely love my new home, and know it was so worth all the years of dreaming and planning and hard work.

I won't be "finished" with the house for ages yet, since we haven't even begun on the basement level, and I'll have cabinetry (including my new desk) rolling in for months but, as I said, I have the necessities.

On the career front, I took a little break while moving, but am working on ideas for the next trilogy in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series. Chill of Fear will be released in paperback in June 28th, followed by Sleeping With Fear, in hardcover, July 18th. (The latter has a great cover, as you can now see on the site.)

Since I've been on a summer schedule for some time now, I believe you can always look for the new titles in summer — at least until I add in a Thief title to my schedule. Yes, Quinn's and Morgan's adventures will continue; I can't tell you for sure when, but I know they will. So please do keep an eye on the website, and I'll update info as soon as I have anything concrete to report.

I'm writing this at my kitchen desk and on my laptop, so here's hoping my new working desk arrives on schedule in a couple of weeks, and I can get set-up and functional in the new study.

In the meantime, I'll do my best to update the site a bit more often, honest!

Hope you all have a great summer, and Happy Reading.


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