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A Note from Kay:

About the time I reached Blood Ties in the series, Id gathered enough questions and requests from readers that it occurred to me a series of character bios included in each book would be a good idea. So thats what I began doing, along with definitions of psychic abilities as defined by the SCU and Haven, and a timeline to explain how long the SCU has been in existence.

Because I started with Blood Ties, and because some characters reappear throughout the series, and grow, I decided it would be best here on the website to include the character bios just as they originally appeared in the books. So some characters Hollis for instance have recurring bios that expand as her abilities and experiences do.

I will warn you; if you have not yet read a book for which Im here providing bios of some characters, you may well find plot SPOILERS. But if youve read the books, you may discover new or forgotten info, or even explanations of how and why some characters have developed as they have. I will be going back to the beginning of the series and including bios of those major characters as soon as I can, so be sure and check back for new info!

(Stay tuned for the bios! Coming soon.)


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