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Put simply, Haven is a sister civilian organization to the Special Crimes Unit. A privately-run, privately-funded remote compound in New Mexico, it is both a home when needed and a base from which psychics are dispatched on various assignments. Deliberately designed to be a far more laid-back and less structured organization than the FBI, it is intended to be both a place of refuge and a source of meaningful work for those psychics who, for one reason or another, are simply not cut-out to be cops or agents. All are licensed private investigators, with extremely flexible hours and a series of assignments which are more like temp jobs, allowing them plenty of time to decompress as they do the ongoing work of learning to live with and manage their varying psychic abilities.

Many Haven operatives live or have lived onsite at the Haven compound, and all are welcome to do just that. It really is intended as a haven for psychics who have often grown up feeling like freaks or outcasts because of their abilities. At Haven, they find understanding, matter-of-fact acceptance of the paranormal, emotional support, and the opportunity to do meaningful work with their lives.

The psychic abilities of Haven operatives tend to "mirror" those of the SCU agents, though no two psychics are alike, and there are endless variations in strength, control, and utter uniqueness. Like the SCU agents, Haven operatives work always to better understand and use their abilities, and like SCU agents they often find them as much a hindrance as a helpful investigative tool.

Haven works independently of both the FBI and the Special Crimes Unit, but operatives have teamed up with one or more SCU agents on a number of investigations and will continue to do so. The original brain-child of SCU agent Quentin Hayes, Haven was formally founded by Bishop and John and Maggie Garrett, and is under the authority of the Garretts. John Garrett’s brilliant business mind and multi-billion-dollar fortune, along with frequent endowments from other, anonymous people who wish to help, have placed Haven on a solid financial footing with almost endless resources and assets to call upon at need, and its reputation for investigating both the usual and the paranormal is growing.

And at the heart of Haven is Maggie Garrett, a remarkable, gifted empath with a mind as brilliant as her husband’s and a boundless compassion and understanding of what it means to be psychic, and different. She has the unique ability to help heal maimed and tortured souls, to take away at least some of the pain that is so much a part of the often fragile psychics under her care and her leadership.


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