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A Note from Kay:
I hope you enjoy the exciting conclusion of the "Blood" trilogy. The story arc that began in Blood Dreams, and continued through Blood Sins, now concludes in Blood Ties. Each of the three titles stands on its own, as every book in the series does, but I thought it was time to also tell a bigger, three-part story entangling not only Bishop and his SCU, but also the new civilian organization of gifted investigators Bishop himself helped found: Haven.

Blood Ties
January 2010  |  Bantam

The elite Special Crimes Unit, the FBI’s most controversial and effective team, is a group of mavericks and misfits trained to use their unique psychic abilities to hunt the worst monsters imaginable — human ones. Led by the enigmatic Noah Bishop, the SCU team has earned a reputation for pitting their skills and cunning against killers that other cops fear.

But this time Bishop and his agents face an enemy who has them in his sights, a trained sniper with a deadly plan — and more than one ace up his sleeve.

It starts with an unspeakable series of grisly murders across three states, a trail of blood leading, finally, to the small Tennessee town of Serenade. There, two more brutal murders lure the SCU into what may be the ultimate trap.

One of the first investigators on the scene, Special Agent Hollis Templeton is willing to push herself as hard and as far as necessary. Risking more than her life to help and protect her fellow SCU members, Hollis is coping with psychic abilities that are evolving in unprecedented ways, an attraction to the most complex man she’s ever known, and a serial murder investigation that has just turned very, very personal. In her time with the SCU, Hollis has shown an uncanny ability to survive even the most deadly attacks. But what she doesn’t count on is that this killer intends to destroy the team from within.

The clock is ticking. The body count is rising. And as Bishop and his agents race to uncover the identity of their true enemy, not even their special senses can warn them just how bloody, and how terrifyingly close, the truth will be.

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"In her twelfth edition to the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, Kay Hooper continues to mesmerize readers with explosive conflicts and gripping characters. Bishop’s well-trained unit of misfits work frantically to stop the escalating body count in “Blood Ties”, as an unknown assailant targets the SCU and ultimately takes a small town hostage through fear.

"Fans will be captivated—at every turn—as much loved players from previous volumes arrive on scene to pitch in using their unique and extraordinary abilities. As the team searches for answers, Hooper’s astonishing talent for creating and juggling circling storylines—from past and present—is put to the test. I don’t believe she could fail if she tried. Her creative blend of the paranormal and suspense are truly distinctive and with ingenious settings, “Blood Ties” will undoubtedly be a success."

Reviewed by Shannon Raab with Suspense Magazine
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