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March 2008 |  A Kay Hooper Reissue of 3 classic romances

Dear Reader, I was lucky enough, many moons ago, to first become published as a romance author. It wasn't by chance; romance was what I was reading at the time and, naturally, what I tried my hand at when I decided to embark on a writing career. I had no idea how difficult the genre was to write consistently and well, nor how much I would learn — and how much I would enjoy it. Here are three of my early efforts, all of them filled with both passion and humor.

In Elusive Dawn, we have Robyn Lee, a young widow who lost her first husband to a reckless sport, and a race car driver named Shane Justice who intends to win her heart despite her fears.

In On Her Doorstep, we have bestselling author Erin Scott, a guarded and wary woman who has escaped a painful marriage to live contentedly in her isolated mountain retreat — until publisher Matt Gavin comes looking for an author whose face has haunted him for years.

In Return Engagement, we have actress Tara Collins and producer Devlin Bradley, a fiery pair once engaged for real and now forced to act the part of lovers. Or are they acting?

Relationships between men and women will always lie at the heart of everything I write. I loved writing these stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

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