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January 2003 | A Kay Hooper Reissue of 3 classic romances

Dear Reader, Sometimes an author looks back at work she did early in her career (we won't speak of just how many years ago!) and finds the seeds of what would come. That's certainly the case in Kissed by Magic and Belonging to Taylor, both early examples of my interest in psychic characters. In Kissed by Magic, we have Donovan Knight, personal assistant extraordinaire, who seems to know his boss, hotelier Rebel Sinclair, so well he just might be reading her mind. In Belonging to Taylor, we have a down-to-earth lawyer named Trevor King, who almost literally stumbles across Taylor Shannon, a very unusual lady with an even more unusual family. And even though Eye of the Beholder doesn't boast a psychic character, it has its own brand of magic in artist Tory Michaels and archaeologist Devon York.

I'm very proud of my early work in the romance genre, and very much hope you enjoy these examples of that time in my career. I would only ask that you please keep in mind I was hardly more than a child when I wrote these stories. Honest!

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