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The Haviland Touch
December 2005 | A Kay Hooper Classic Reissue

Dear Reader, One of the fun things I was allowed to experiment with in writing romance early in my career was developing series and spin-off stories and characters. The series work I do today owes its existence, I believe, to these early ventures, when I had a story to tell that was, literally, too big for a single book.

The Haviland Touch is the result of such a situation, when I found a secondary character in Enemy Mine too intriguing to live only in his supporting role in someone else's story.

So, in The Haviland Touch, wealthy, sophisticated antiquities collector Drew Haviland finds his path crossing that of the woman who had once jilted him, Spencer Wyatt. When Spencer embarks on a dangerous quest to find the legendary Hapsburg Cross, the lifelong goal of her dying father, Drew has no choice but to help her. What he doesn't expect is what happens when he truly begins to understand the woman he thought he knew.

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