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The Real Thing
November 2004 | A Kay Hooper Reissue of 2 classic romances

As many of you know, I was lucky enough to first become published as a romance author. I loved romance in all its forms, the variety of elements endearing the genre to me. A love story can be told against the backdrop of history or modern times; the relationship between a man and a woman may be influenced by mystery, suspense, adventure, even the paranormal.

The two novels contained in this collection, Enemy Mine and The Haviland Touch, hold the distinction of being the only two true romantic adventure novels I penned in those days. I hope you enjoy the characters and their adventures.

In Enemy Mine, we open with a bang — literally. Rival antiquities experts Tyler St. James and Kane Pendleton find themselves in the middle of the Colombian wilderness, being shot at by an unseen sniper. It seems safer to team up in the search for a fabulous gold chalice. But while Tyler and Kane's rivalry has always kept them distant enemies, their forced partnership brings them together in ways neither ever expected.

In The Haviland Touch, wealthy, sophisticated antiquities collector Drew Haviland finds his path crossing that of the woman who had once jilted him, Spencer Wyatt. When Spencer embarks on a dangerous quest to find the legendary Hapsburg Cross, the lifelong goal of her dying father, Drew has no choice but to help her. What he doesn't expect is what happens when he truly begins to understand the woman he thought he knew.

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