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The Wizard of Seattle
February 2009 |  A Kay Hooper Classic Reissue

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper takes readers on a captivating journey with this timeless story of two modern-day wizards blessed — and cursed — by their supernatural abilities, and their forbidden bond.

From the moment Serena Smyth appeared on his doorstep, Richard Patrick Merlin recognized the magic in her eyes, sensed the wild talent barely held in check. And he knew he would help her learn to control her gift, despite a taboo so ancient the reasons for it had been forgotten. But he never suspected he would risk all he had, and all he was, for a love none of his kind had ever known.

Determined to become a master wizard, Serena had crossed a country to find him. She knew he could be her teacher, but even she was unprepared for the wondrous power that was Merlin’s, or the incredible journey her very existence would necessitate — into a long-lost world where male and female wizards struggled for power. It was a world in which Merlin’s deepest instincts were at war with his intellect — a war he was determined to win, even if it meant changing history.

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