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Touching Evil
August 2001  |  Bantam

Seattle police sketch artist Maggie Barnes has an extraordinary gift. She listens as traumatized crime victims describe their ordeals — and then uses those horrifying recollections to draw dead-on sketches of the assailants. Some cops think Maggie is telepathic, that she can actually enter the victims' minds. Only Maggie knows the truth behind her rare talent ... and she isn't telling.

But her secret may be exposed when a madman seizes Seattle in his terrifying grip. He abducts women and blinds them, leaving them barely alive. The police have one hope: the lorders. To stop the escalating terror, Maggie will have to push her abilities to the breaking point — even if it means confronting a predator whose powers seem to have no bounds ...

"Following her highly popular Shadow series, Hooper again scores big with this psychic thriller. Touching Evil is the first installment in her "Evil" series involving Noah Bishop's specially talented group of agents. It kept me furiously turning the pages until the chilling climax." — Old Book Barn Gazette

"Touching Evil is a full-force, page turning, suspense-driven read ... Hooper provided enough twists and turns to her story that it had this reader anxiously gripping the pages and not leaving my couch for hours on end." — The Mystery Reader
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