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In general, your quickest means of reaching me is via e-mail. I do respond personally to notes, though I will warn you that deadlines come first and I may well be behind in answering my mail at any given time, so please be patient. Something worth noting is that I often do respond to notes, only to have my response bounce back either because the email address I was provided was incorrect in some way, the address had changed since the note was written, or there were/are Internet or server problems at the time mail was exchanged. So if you don't hear from me within a reasonable amount of time (several weeks, say) please do send another note, making certain I have the correct return address to respond to.

BEFORE YOU WRITE: Check out my FAQ section. You might find the answer to your question there.

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EMAIL: authorkayhooper@gmail.com

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POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O. Box 370, Bostic, NC, 28018

PLEASE NOTE: When you write to me, I add you to my Reader Group email mailing list. If you DO NOT wish to receive periodic e-mail alerts or announcements from me, be sure to let me know.


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