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I often receive questions from readers, and after a time a pattern emerges, giving me a fairly good idea what sort of questions most of you have. So I hope you find this area interesting and informative. And if I don't answer your question here, be sure to write and tell me what you'd like to know so that I may include the information here in future updates.

Will there be a third Thief book?
Yes though I can't give you a firm publication date as yet. Despite my best efforts, I just had too much on my plate these last couple of years (career stuff, family stuff, building my dream house) to give Quinn the attention I feel he deserves. However, there WILL be a third Thief book, and quite likely more, since he appears to have much to say and many adventures ahead of him and Morgan. Please do keep an eye on the website, and as soon as I have firm publication dates, cover art and cover copy, the info will be posted.

Will the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series continue?
Yes, absolutely. I'll continue to publish the series in trilogies, each set with a keyword in the title and the covers, hopefully, linked together with some visual element such as the spiderweb in the Fear trilogy, and the black-gloved hand in the Evil trilogy.

Are you going to reissue more of your old (classic!) romances?
Yes. That's also being worked-out as I write this (the author seldom has complete control of such things, though I'm trying!), so please do keep an eye on the site for updates.

Will you write the sequel to Summer of the Unicorn?
If I had to say one way or the other right now, I'd have to say no simply because it isn't in the plans at present. However, I get many requests for other fantasy/romance novels such as Unicorn and The Wizard of Seattle, and I would like to write more along those lines someday. So you never know. Again, please do check back, and I'll update the website as I have new information to offer.

How about the Lane Montana mysteries?
Same there. I have no plans at present to continue that series, but I would like to revisit Lane at some point. Never say never.

Will you ever include a bulletin board or blog on your site?
Not likely. I know many authors happily blog or set up a board where their readers can post comments, but the truth is that I feel my writing time is better spent writing my books. I'll always do my best to be responsive to readers, but I've never been inclined to write in a journal even just for myself, and see no reason to turn to public journaling (blogging) now. As for a board on the site, that also can cause more problems than provide benefits, for you and for me. So I think we'll keep the site as-is for now.

Though suggestions are always welcome!

Where do you get your ideas?
The number one most-asked question. And the most difficult to answer, because of the nature of what writers do. We use our imaginations literally every waking moment; I see or hear something, and my plot-trained conscious mind begins to spin a possible story. So the short answer is that I get my ideas everywhere but mostly from inside my head. I read a great deal, I watch TV and movies, I talk to people. And out of that wealth of information come my ideas.

What's your work routine?
I don't really have one. When and how long I work is dependent on where I am in a book or project. Early on, I may spend a great deal of time thinking and musing about an idea without turning on the computer once. Writing down bits and pieces of ideas, snatches of dialogue, character descriptions. When I have begun the actual physical work of writing, the early chapters tend to go slowly as I feel my way through the story "seeding" plot and character points that will develop along the way. Once I've reached the halfway point in a story, the plot is firmly set, the characters "alive" in the sense that I now know them very well and understand why they do the things they do. The remainder of the book tends to be written much faster, and I work longer hours. It isn't uncommon in the final chapters of a book for me to work ten or twelve hour stretches for several days at a time.

How long does it take you to write a book?
It varies. In the old days of series romance, it wasn't unusual for me to complete a book in three or four weeks. These days, writing longer and much more complicated thrillers, it tends to take several months between the beginning of a book and its completion.

Do you ever go on book tours?
If my publisher asks me to. Publishers vary in their beliefs and experiences as to what sells books best; my publisher tends not to send its authors out on the road very often. In all honesty, I believe my time is better spent here working. Not being an extrovert I'm afraid travel takes a great deal out of me. But there are trips from time to time, book signings and the rare speaking engagement; I will do my best to have information here at my site (in the online newsletter) whenever such a trip is planned.

Do you read all the reader mail you receive?
You bet I do. And I answer myself which is why I'm constantly behind and why my online mailbox is usually full. If you don't receive a reply within a reasonable time (two or three weeks, maybe), please do write again I never mind repeated queries.
Frequently Asked Questions from Writers

I often receive questions from aspiring writers, and after a time a pattern emerges, giving me a fairly good idea what sort of questions most of you have. So I hope you find this area interesting and informative.

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Kay's Basic Primer for First-Time Novelists

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Writing A Book Report?

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