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An important reminder!
Please spay and neuter your pets! We can greatly diminish the tragedy of unwanted pets with this simple, humane, and responsible action. Also, if you plan to include a new cat or dog in the family, please visit your local shelter or rescue organization. Many beautiful, wonderful pets end up homeless through no fault of their own, and deserve the chance to live safe and happy with loving families.

Kay's Pet Pics:

More pet pics >

Local animal rescues and animal rights organizations Kay supports:

>> Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

>> Saving the Dogs and Cats of Rutherford County

>> PAWS of NC, Building PAWS RC No-Kill Shelter

>> The Community Pet Center

>> Rutherford County Humane Society

>> Rutherford County Animal Control


>> "The Financial Benefits of Adopting a Pet: You Can Help End Pet Homelessness"

In Memoriam

Some of Kay's beloved animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Ginger, 16, kidney disease
Daisy, 10, bone cancer
Bonnie, 17,
liver failure
Bo, 4,
heart disease
Bandit, 16, multiple organ failure
Lizzie, 10, cancer
Oscar, 16,
kidney disease
Kitsy, 16,
kidney disease


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